Location Goa, India
Schedule 12-16 DEC 2020


About Neel Verma

NEEL VERMA, Gujarat Finalist of Talenticaa Mr India International 2020.

Tall, Blue Eyed, Curly Haired and Versatile man from Western part of India. He is ready to showcase the vibrant and enchanting Gujarat, the land of food and festivals.

He is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and his love for animals has led him to work with an NGO advocating animal rights. He wants to become a model and work in the field of modelling.

The motivation of his life is" The struggle in you are in today, builds the strength for tomorrowā€¯

He's a travel junkie and wants to explore India on his bike. He's a fitness fanatic and loves to groove on Bollywood beats.

Vital Statistics
Height 5.11 Ft
Weight 66 Kg
Bust 34 - 36 Inc Inch
Waist 74-79 cm
Hip 34 - 36 Inc
Shoe Size 8
Hair Color. Brown
Eye Color Blue

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